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Pakistan Army Budget Some Interesting Facts

See some interesting facts please him so that he could get a small percentage of the budget to be t r b which then?
Before I hear that this part of the total military budget of $ 42 billion, which was $ 6.8 billion, constitutes about 15%. And another thing. country. To end Pakistan’s existence or at least break the defensive strength at this time is shared agenda and the interests of a few powerful countries in the world which leads to India, America and Israel and Islam as their ally and NATO and Afghanistan the largest province with a total area equal to almost half of Pakistan’s war! lh population of Karachi there are at least half a million and our army is battling terrorists, Pakistan’s defense needs should not be difficult to guess what kind. production is only 2.8%. (Note that this budget is that the GDP) While the US defense or military spending 4.7 percent of their total output of 6.9 percent, Russia 3.9 percent of the 11.4 percent of Israel to Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates 6.9 percent to 6.4 percent of Afghanistan’s territory and defend Pakistan from India 5 times larger in terms of population costs 8 times more than Pakistan. India’s defense expenses compared to $ 6.8 billion for Pakistan Narendra Modi was more than $ 50 billion which America’s total defense spending of $ 642 billion of China’s $ 160 billion defense spending to defend Pakistan ask for military assistance to the defense of Russia’s defeat at the hands of the Saudi defense spending to $ 81 billion to $ 70 billion hyn.pakstan .lakh defense expenses of the population having broken Israel out of Afghanistan the country $ 23 billion the defense budget is $ 11 billion, including very few people would know that Iran and the United Arab Emirates …. . Colombia, Singapore, Taiwan, Chile and even Norway as countries of military expenditure Pakistan. The destruction of the Pakistan economy through death to exploit the abundant resources of Pakistan and overwhelmingly back often politicians Pakistan solution to understand that ‘less defense spending’. This is also one of the countries arises out against it does not compromise on its defense and military spending. Although many of them are those who do not face any war ever to have these objections athtahyky Pakistan’s defense budget in question to mind after all the facts are? Dana immature friend or foe?
Know what can you get that Pakistan is the only country which has the largest active military border that 3600 km long and unfortunately Pakistan is the world’s only country which simultaneously hit three terrible war daktrayynz about which very few people know. Let’s just tell you about it. This is a cold start daktrayyn first (Cold Start doctrine) that Indian strategy which India’s total military 7 commands in the late dpluyyd six Pakistani border are. It becomes more troops to nearly 80 percent of India and the Indian military exercises to daktrayyn, military transport very large depot building and arms of roads, bridges and rail lines for transportation are made from very high speed . Under this doctrine in Sindh province, where India’s geographical depth, they quickly enter through Sindh, was cut from Pakistan will go towards Balochistan, Gwadar and locally help the BLA in the observed and Balochistan . Pakistan is the original and biggest threat, and Army while the movements of the Indian Army is prepared to monitor its response strategy. You must have heard that the Pakistan Army in the ‘nine Minister, who exercises regularly for the past few years. It is being developed under the cold start response daktrayyn Indian Army is preparing an aggressive defense. Although the balance of power in this case is badly against us. India of at least one million is only two to two and a half million troops available in the army because the American ‘is under AfPak’ daktrayyn. American F-pack Doctrine (Amrican afpak doctrine) Obama Administration’s Pakistan

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