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Prime Minister China Visit NEPRA Two Way Meter LHC PU Dada Pota Show 15-05-2017

Dada Pota Show of 15-05-2017. The only program of business and economy in Pakistan.

Prime Minister China Visit NEPRA Two Way Meter LHC PU Dada Pota Show 15-05-2017

Dada Pota Show 15-05-2017 based on detailed discussion on Prime Minister, China Visit, NEPRA, Two Way Meter & LHC PU.

Today, Dada G shared his opinion on important news that PM Nawaz said One Belt One Road and CPEC all about ‘shared prosperity’.


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday hailed China’s One Belt One Road initiative as the “beginning of a new era for humanity”, saying it would bring unprecedented opportunities to the poor regions to break free from poverty.

Addressing a session at the leaders’ roundtable conference in Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, the Prime Minister said the One Belt One Road project along with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would result in shared prosperity for the entire region. “The railroads, highways, ports and airports that are being built are redefining economic landscapes within countries and regions. Hinterlands are being connected with coasts. Big businesses are moving to less developed and neglected territories. And a new generation of entrepreneurs is being inspired,” PM Nawaz Sharif said. The premier said Pakistan is pursuing its vision of a peaceful, interconnected and prosperous neighbourhood with great determination. “We have relentlessly pursued policies for digital and financial inclusion during the last four years. While doing this, we have particularly focused on the most disadvantaged segments of our population. Rapid digitalisation and next-generation connectivity are at the heart of our agenda for transforming into a knowledge-based economy,” he said in his address.

Benefits to Pakistan

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said China and Pakistan, with joint implementation of CPEC, are reaping the early benefits of interconnected development. “As we connect Xinjiang to Gwadar and Karachi, with pathways of the Corridor running through the entire territory of Pakistan, it creates new supply and logistic chains, as well as manufacturing networks. In fact, CPEC has infused Pakistan’s economy with new vitality and dynamism,” he said. The Prime Minister pointed out that the Gwadar Port, the pivot of CPEC, would connect East, West and South Asia. It would also reach out to African and European markets, he said, adding that very soon Gwadar would develop into an “inspired, organic, and dynamic city full of great opportunities.”

By & large, Dada G & Pota G presented a very good show. We received huge feedback in the form of SMS & facebook posts. We received hits from 46 Countries and 19 cities of Pakistan. If you missed today’s Dada Pota Show, there is no need to worry because you are just a click away. You can download and listen it now. “Dada Pota” show on-air at

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