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Forth Piller of State Journalism

Poet beginning, the middle is the verdict of destiny judge that he had done the crime, old age sentenced to death mfajat, the consequences of their negligence, negligence and negligent Benny, suffer the institutions with humans and slave past Hence it is the fourth pillar of the society has lost its usefulness and that no case of four or six months, but from the beginning Pakistani media cry on freedom of expression is tnqydbnta not only the letter of your negative character rather than anywhere ptta and beaten, man asking you represent the commoner native sound in hard times do you? I know that it is cutting dwarf servant, and when such a large criminal organization with the public silence on the oppression of the then state Eltemase dua good read on a fourth pillar.
On the other hand, the so-called anchors whose faces six feet languages ​​and on every other issue to be when he has to also consider the legal and constitutional right Loft turban from which a ‘special’ the glory is the glory and the shame of all the stories to conceal hyn.jy Yes, this is the tragedy of town, the fourth pillar of the state suppressed, but just a little redundant News’ Breaking our sale has the option of nyuz”bnany media silence on this unfortunate incident. The last time Town Islam in a TV musical show ‘Idi recording all’ for the recording of the show is twice a week and town Friday and recording in Lahore, Pakistan cries from the beginning has been confirmed killed a woman to gyy.ab women and children were injured while some 150 Kmyun condition was critical of the majority legs are broken and the risk of lifelong disability. According to some sources, the position is that the number of people killed, but the case because Malik Riaz had this unfortunate incident covered gyaauryun country Riaz jadh did not broadcast any television news and newspapers s fast lya.tahm Pakistani courts have now awakened to the silent witness has taken suo motu notice of the incident. Which is the cornerstone of our media all the time to raise a finger.
Meanwhile Pemra which closes the channels to retain his rulers Absar Alam Media
Why a channel show cause notice on the concept of incentive for behavior that was a special case, which is similar to light their homes. Stacey media are worried that the victims of this tragedy is that those with attention problems when it ‘aamyun’ mental edge that a ‘special’
You can become paralyzed for life.
I want to ask Absar Alam that make your eyes bndkyun Zara Zara Si channels to give notice of the issue Absar Alam, why they put their fingers in their ears. Is that they were not described Mian? Wow are my aamyun Croatian represent our destinies of so-called intellectual media to decide which religion is the worst women of their commitment to the programs, how they will fight for our rights. I remember one incident, one of our friends, their classmates, who are educated scion of a family and are further PhD secular self, married and father of three children. Teaching duties in a very large educational institutions of Lahore were carried out, where they are also seeking knowledge. The teacher said to one student more than the number of those invited to meet the conditions and the professor was denied the deputation to put the blame for ‘his’ disrespect them, the TV contact have a leading anchor girl, and channel the dead live on, not when the professor’s research has contacted the anchor Chronicles I said ‘three lakh to speak in favor of their’ Requirements money ‘. Professor Sir contacted the court and shall succeed.
It is the role of our media is beamed honor of taking the money and hides any innocent blood. The fourth mute, deaf pillar shall represent my rights to protect my rights?

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