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Pakistan & Complexities of Regional Politics

With its foreign policy and regional politics, particularly for internal and external security of the state are the main key. Because if the country helps run the internal affairs so as to strengthen the friendly relations and relations with regional countries in their stable. a further point is that the possibility of cooperation by recognizing each other’s importance and needs.
on the surface this desire will not be able to meet any. It is important where there is a desire for success is the desire to create the others. The main issue in the improvement of the relations forward on the basis of some while others have two. While no country in its foreign policy reinforces their special interests.
Pakistan is currently experiencing a difficult situation. We are in a great mistrust in India, Afghanistan and Iran with regional politics. Our relations with India are not always stable. Whenever born possibilities of improving relations if it proved weak to move forward firmly. Soon a strong distrust of the growing shadow in the improvement of relations and matters have gone backwards again. Nowadays there are enough serious issues between Pakistan and India and Ross continues his policy of increasing pressure on Pakistan with India continued crisis. Talks between the two countries have stalled. In this case certainly been errors Pakistan, but India has a more rigorous approach to Pakistan, which itself hinders the improvement of relations.
. It’s not us and the Afghan government have undermined the possibility of an alliance with the Taliban.
is. Pakistan has great expectations for the contracted commu- nity, but India is not only opposed it openly, but behind the project.
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Unfortunately, that made all the forums on SAARC countries for the improvement of regional relations, he being not active or not active fox decided under a special purpose school. The important thing is to resolve issues such forums. But the problem is that they cause a fu code of weak governments and other matters, instead of proceeding to the charges based on politics more chaos and instability. on the other hand deliberately in all countries are also spread misconceptions, him in meetings and conversion tdrak between people and various civil society groups down, but also the interaction of virtually people restriction.
The principle should be that countries throughout the region of Tire

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