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CPEC VS Astute Enemy

At the Prime Minister’s delegation of 26 people killed in the terrorist attack on the convoy of Senate deputy chairman Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidari Mastung, China. It has more than ten dead in attack on workers building a road in Gwadar next day was teasing victim of terrorism. This week was the same day that Pakistan and China has over five hundred million dollar investment MoD on standby on six projects in Beijing. Thought not agree to accept it, I repeated this time to make Egypt understand that the smart Bosch thought it wise investment.
China’s President Xi Jinping announced plans to restore the land and sea trade routes of the Silk Routes with traditional and historical sixty countries in the world in 2013 in the new global context. The Asia, Africa and phased plan for trillions of dollars of land and sea trade routes of development with over 65 countries in Europe. The forest belt project called Forest Road. Its acronym in English is known as OBOR which has now been renamed Belt and Road initiative. More than four years after the project reviews and the next fourteen to sixteen and a half thousand milestones setting for distances from 130 countries were involved delegate to the Chinese capital Beijing. The participants included heads of heads of several major countries, including Pakistan Prime Minister, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Italy, Spain. The United States, France, Germany and Sri Lanka in South Asia with high-level participation of the United Kingdom, joined Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar.
Second, after the formation of the World Economic Order and the continuation of the role of the United States and its key European allies. Establishment of international financial institutions, headed by the regulations and institutions also with those countries. The presidency of the World Bank in reconciliation and unity and strength to overcome administrative and IMF headed to Europe. The United States are the most active and decision-makers from the five permanent members of the Alliance of National Security. World Trade Order form and orchard of the main issues in trade agreements strings are in the hands of these countries.
Conservative President Ronald Reagan’s presidential era New Economic Agenda has won the New World ardrky winding shape. State involvement was less start getting involved private sector. The market economy was introduced as a unique holiness Recognize New World Economic Order and spinal cord. Chile has become the responsibility of the capitalist government approval. Ninety of the socialist block and the collapse of the communist system and socialist philosophy and Russia after the collapse at the beginning of the decade. Russia has become a test yourself to handle. The book became a New Conservative Economic Agenda New World Order. Stock and currency market volatility governments to take the bus.
About half a dozen countries in Asia have made tremendous progress and shocked America and Europe. Half a dozen other countries in Asia continue to follow the Asian Tigers also attributed to the economic and industrial development. In this era of global industrial chain covering commercial scene so slowly that China’s trade and industry on one side and the rest of the world of industry and commerce aside. US-China political and military as the best surround the cast but commercially rising China and its allies barrier to be able to hold the footsteps of his progress downtrodden international stage throughout this period . The continuous economic growth, innovation and amazing waste exchange hundreds of billion of dollars in technology made it much stronger position than the US and its allies. Donald Trump is so strong to win the World Economic Order in the recent elections in the scene has been jeopardized by a new uncertainty.
President of the trade agreements made in the past by the United States, Donald Trump use harsh words. I think it is more useful to deal Canada and Mexico in NAFTA, but if the US will hand the same way given the necessary flexibility and concessions on trade issues with China believes that the US the jobs were not Genesis. Come in his chair like TPP and TTIP trade deal has been put on the shelf. US President Donald Trump gave his first name as economic and commercial vision. America First is the slogan that message to the world, the United States already has trimmed his house, the worry in the world. After this policy experts began to talk of a gap after the US-made retreat in global trade.
The commercial project of its kind in defense of Forest Road Forest Belt in 2013. In this context,

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