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The Legend "Dada G"
The Legend “Dada G”
Basic idea behind launching of Dada Pota Show was a well thought out philosophy which Dada squared from his day to day working in journalism during last 20 years. During different phase of his professional career, He found out through a number of feedbacks and interaction with masses in general and business community in particular, that there is hardly any program which can make international talk with people in local perspective. It has already been experienced in our flagship program Beopaar at CNBC Pakistan (May 2006 to December 2008) that whenever an anchor throw information through a program in a localized touch, it does appeal to general masses who cannot equate themselves with those having suits and neck ties and keep on talking financial jargons in alien language.


Waseem (Pota)There was a concept conceived by Mr. Waseem Ahmad (Pota) to introduce an elderly man (Dada Gee) as the listeners give more value and credibility to the words of an experienced person. However, since Dada G is quite witty so he may throw some lighter sentences in such a way, which change the whole atmosphere of the program and business information does not seem too heavy for general masses.Dada Pota Show was one of three shows, which Dada conceived during last ten years whenever he thought about launching a full fledge business Radio or TV Channel. The concept of Dada Pota Show is nothing different than this which our listeners are enjoying now a day though we are lacking some technical support and facilities.

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