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Karachi’s bourgeoning real estate market


Modernisation of the real estate sector in Pakistan has enable buyers and sellers to communicate with ease. Previously, searching for property was challenging but with the advent of the internet in Pakistan, a platform has been provided for customers and investors to make informed decisions., a leading real estate web portal in Pakistan, recently hosted a property expo on 15th and 16th of November, 2014. The two-day event managed to pull around 30,000 people. Youngsters, seniors and families alike visited the Expo Centre in Johar Town in search of property and real estate information.

An interesting aspect of the event was that the array of real estate agents and developers who had set up stalls belonged to various cities. This shows that despite the current political disorder in the country, the real estate market is still seeing ever-growing demand.

Pakistan’s real estate haven, Karachi, has a number of on-going projects in the market. It is common news that while Karachi is the hub of opportunities, it also currently facing socio-economic disturbances. Nonetheless, Property Expo 2014 saw a number of Karachi-based real estate agents raising their stalls at Expo Centre. Citi Associates and DEFCLAREA are among those who were present at the event and who advertised their properties in Karachi. They managed to attract investors and close deals with buyers. For example, Citi Associates, which deals primarily in DHA City Karachi, closed 35 deals at the Expo, which shows that Karachi’s real estate sector is booming and has cross-country appeal.

The platform that provided is beneficial for these companies and it has established the fact that what was formerly missing in the real estate market – flow of information – has now been provided without any bounds. Such initiatives are highly desirable for the overall stability of the economy in the future as well.

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