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Hafiz Ishfaq

I don`t think that I am an article writer because I never thought about any topic to write an article. I always look around me. Nature is a masterpiece, it is full of topics. Politics is a waste of time. You can never convince your opponents by arguments. My goal is to bring about reforms in my society. I want to discuss only what is truth and don't want to bother my readers with lies and worthless stories. Allah made us for the welfare of others and improving the standards of ethics in the society. Now it is our duty to perform perfectly in this temporary life of world. Everyone have a permanent life after this one. That life will never end. Allah made this world an examination hall for human beings. If we will pass this exam, we will be awarded with heaven and if unfortunately we fail in this exam, we will be sent in the hell forever. So we must think about our permanent life before doing any act or speaking a word. Everything will be questioned on doomsday. I am Thankful to all the readers who read my articles and bless me with their worthy opinions. Stay connected with me and read the truth. Criticize me when I am not right and appreciate me if my articles are only for the welfare of my nation. May Allah bless us with Hidaya.

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