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Khan, Qadri and Fearful Power

The current protest of Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri has got a lot of importance due to media. Although the crowd is not of ten million people by any of the party but it is more than enough to represent the emotions of a nation at this time. PML-N is in better position to push PTI and PAT into a closed street. Imran Khan made too much bad decisions and Qadri used better tactics. Other parties joined PML-N against PTI and PAT.

Imran Khan started march on 14th of august with a slogan to get rid of Nawaz Sharif. But he has not built enough pressure to compel him to resign. This was not a good decision. This march can have more importance if its agenda would have non political slogans. If Imran Khan raised his voice against the unjust increase in electricity bills and other public matters like unjust taxes and loans, the scenario could be much different and the number of people could be much more than ten million.

Another thing that Khan announced, was the movement of civil disobedience. This is a democratic movement by the people against the government to seek their rights. This was misinterpreted by our different anchors and PML-N officials as the movement against state. History shows that the movement is against the government and not against the state but misinterpretation led the people or Imran Khan supporters against Imran Khan. Also there was another problem with civil disobedience, this movement can not be successful in Pakistan.
There are two reasons for the failure of civil disobedience in Pakistan.

  1. The taxes in Pakistan are mostly indirect taxes, which can not be avoided.
  2. The nation is afraid of disconnection. The followers of Imran Khan are mostly educated people, they are not superstitious but they are more fearful. They are not like Gullu Butts or feudals. They are very much peaceful and cowardly people.

So these craven people are not in the position to get independence from this system. These are the people who say that the system is corrupt and the people in parliament are corrupt but when anyone starts action against this corruption, these cowardly people start supporting the corrupt system and become a part of it.

Tahir ul Qadri has proposed the nation a very good agenda. He showed facts and figures to save the nation from loans and create employment. He raised voice against unemployment and unjust inflation. Although this man is not credible but his proposed agenda is acceptable for the people. Another thing which I think is very much notable is the conduct of this non violent and peaceful protest by the workers of PAT. The crowd of PAT is paying very much attention to the words of their leader and act only according to the orders of Tahir ul Qadri.

Both these protests are only against PML-N and the kingdom of Nawaz Sharif. The word kingdom was first introduced by Zardari but now this word has become the part of policy of these protests. All the other parties like PPP, ANP, JUI-F and MQM have joined their hands with PML-N to save democracy but there is something else behind the scene. MQM is playing very confusing role. They are sending messages to PTI, and supporting Tahir ul Qadri but having their benefits from the government and also gaining the sympathy of people by showing to calm down the situation.

Here is a question. Why all the parties are joining PML-N and supporting Nawaz Sharif to stay there as PML-N? Are they saving democracy?

No, they are not saving democracy, they are saving themselves and the future of their family. One thing in these protests, which is almost neglected and no one talked about it, is the word “ACCOUNTABILITY”. Accountability means “ The obligation of an individual or organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner. It also includes the responsibility for money or other entrusted property.”

This word has made all the politicians mad. When this word started prevailing, they started thinking to save themselves. Most of the politicians have started going abroad.

I want to explain the impact of this word. Shabaz Sharif announced many things about Zardari, one of them and most popular was to drag Zardari on the roads but not fulfilled his promise because the same type of cases against Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are also registered. If they will drag Zardari, Zardari will drag them so they let him go to save themselves. In the same way, now Imran Khan is demanding accountability of politicians, If accountability of the politicians start, all these parties will be ruined due to lack of leadership. Almost all the leadership will be inside jails after free and fair justice of the cases registered against politicians. They all know that conviction is their fate if uninfluenced justice starts.

In this situation, all the corrupt mafia knows that if Nawaz goes, then he will not be in the position to influence the courts for deciding in their favour. So “ACCOUNTABILITY” is the reason due to which all the parties want Nawaz Sharif to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan to run this corrupt system and save their family businesses. This accountability joined these parties and made them a Fearful Power. At the end I want to say that this is a war between corruption and justice not between democracy and non-democracy.

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