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Quratulann Shakoor Shahid  Stillness regarding rape – be supposed to it be out of order or nurtured?  The correct to privacy is certainly the unchallengeable exact of a victim.  But why be supposed to quiet be defensive for rape sufferers? …

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Final Round of Afghan War

Final Round of Afghan War Rizwan Razi Afghan Taliban has started their offensive of this year on May 14, 2014 right at the start of new spring which has been named as “Operation Khyber”. In the Islamic history, name of …

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Options for Saudi monarch in the region?

Dated: November 06, 2013 By Rizwan Razi Saudi ruling Junta should have risen from the sweet romantic dreams of friendship with United States of America (USA), and had read between the lines, on that very day, when the Obama administration …

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