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بے لگام

قصور سے آگے دیپالپور روڑ ، پچیس کلومیٹر بعد کھڈیاں خاص ایک قصبہ آتا ہے ،وہاں سے مغرب کی جانب جائیں ،پورے قبصے کو عبور کریں تو ریلوے لائن آتی ہے ، اسے کراس کریں ۔ آگے ایک سڑک نکلتی …

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Supreme Court of Pakistan Sicilian Mafia Remarks

After patiently hearing the hard-hitting remarks of the Supreme Court judges during proceedings on the Panama case for months, the government has sharply reacted to the latest comments of the justices drawing a comparison between the Sicilian Mafia and the …

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Dusra Rukan Pakoray

Had a serious run. I was selfish person such person does not see. A fratfry the world and try to be the first person prostrate in a turn. went on to found the storm that has caused a pkurun the …

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Pakistani Society

It was a medium outlet located on the side of the road. Along with small shops were far away. I was a bit Chhabra on the wall outside the shop, which was decorated fancy accessories for women use. Chhabra were …

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